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I'm kinda busy with the NogiKoi Fandom so just send me a message if you need something...but I'll still edit every now and then.

UPDATE: It's almost in the 9000s...and I'm barely at 6000s collected currently...when I said 9000s, that's three Rank 7 Cards...I'm at one of the Rank 5s in my collections currently..

My Personal "Banning Rules"

This is my personal rules, it is not a universal admin rule in this Fandom, it is the rules I used in Fandoms I am an admin on. I might not be as lenient or strict as other admins, so I came up with this. I don't really want to use this rule in this Fandom, but we have more images than Wiki48 lately (almost double) and I'm suspecting 1/4th of that amount are mostly duplicates.

  • 1st Level Notice: Two warnings, third time I notice results in a 1 week ban.
  • 2nd Level Notice: Starts after the 1 week ban from the 1st Level Notice. Two warnings, third time I notice results in a 1 month ban.
  • 3rd Level Notice: Starts after the 1 month ban from the 2nd Level Notice. Two warnings, third time I notice results in a 1 year ban.
  • 4th Level Notice: Starts after the 1 year ban from the 3rd Level Notice. Two warnings, third time I notice results in an infinite ban.
  • Offenses like vandalism and bad mouthing results in an infinite ban immediately.
  • Non-English additions that are not appropriate/located in the proper sections of a page will have two warnings first before an instant ban after the third time I notice it.
My Personal Rules in regards with Unnecessary Pages
  • Fanfics. There should be another fandom wiki already that deals with that.
  • Pages that are just made on-the-spot. Especially with titles or content that are meant as a joke or a threat.
  • Different Language Content Duplicate. There should be only one page that deals with a particular topic. The page should be in English format in general, and a page that has a duplicate, and in another language completely (if you use a translator, the exact content will be the same as the English version), that's also unnecessary.
  • Some pages have contents that are too short, like the pages that are "JKT48 versions", "SKE48 Versions" songs, and I was in the middle of figuring out if I need to merge those or leave them as-is, so those are still pending.
  • Lists (recently decided) are also unnecessary, but it'll be sent to the blogs section of the author, instead of being deleted.
  • Drama pages that doesn't have the majority of the primary cast or at least more than 30 members registered as members of AKB48 Group, Sakamichi Series, and/or SNH48 Group. Drama pages from =LOVE, ≠ME, 22/7, and IZ*ONE are also considered if the "majority" of the primary cast are members. So cameos and guestings like with Tomica Hero Rescue Fire (5 members of SKE48 appearance) doesn't need a separate page, but the info that they appeared there can be put in the members' (who appeared) pages.


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