Note: these comes with images for better explanation


Images are an essential part of making a wiki page. But some images can also be over-written if it shares the same name as one of the previously uploaded images...which is what happened in this example: File:4.jpg; you can see this image on the right.

Looks fine, right? Well...not unless you see where it appears...

This image (as of during the writing of this blog post, I'm still deciding on how to approach a solution for this problem) appears on Pemilihan Member Single Ke-10 JKT48 (which is completely normal) and was on Takahashi Minami (ruddy someone edited it before I could make up my mind); which is kind of curious, since that's not Takamina in that picture, nor are they directly related with each other, aside from both being from AKB48 Group.

So to make a long story short, if you use short-names or commonly used names on your images, you'll just end up over-writing the older images and would eventually end up damaging another page using the old image.

To avoid these, you simply have to rename your images on your CPU folder...

...or rename it while uploading it.

Anyway I'm not a mobile-user so I don't know how it looks like editing in mobile devices, but to make sure, don't ignore the warnings given about the image you are uploading...

...and try renaming your files. The longer the name, the less risk of it being over-written in the future.

Another thing is that it is best to save your files in your CPU before you re-upload them...

...that way, we'll be able to avoid conflicts from other sites for the copying of their images. Even though the images can come from anywhere, any evidence that could point out that it came from a specific source could make them aggressive towards this wiki, which would be very sad to see again. (see history here)
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